Sunday, April 8, 2007

Anthony Pierpont, The Everyday Photographer: My Favorite Photos- California Beach Sunset #4

This is the fourth in my California beach sunset series. This is also a sunset photo favorite because it depicts a sense of industry and man’s use of the sea.

I like the mix of a beautiful sunset photo with the goings-on of a harbor station; to me, it says a lot about nature and commerce, and how they have to peacefully coexist. I took this same photo during the day, and it didn’t resonate at all. In fact it was “too” real, and it looked dull and unattractive.

But something about getting the shot in the evening, with the softening colors of the sunset, makes this picture work for me. I think it was these softening colors that triggered the thought that there is/could be a peaceful coexistence between man and nature.

I’m pleased with the movement in the waves at the picture’s forefront. And, though I didn’t expect it would translate so well, the halo effect around the sun, combined with the cross-like rays emitted from the suns core, add a great deal of drama to the shot, too.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Anthony Pierpont, The Everyday Photographer: My Favorite Photos- California Beach Photo #3

I’ve been sharing my California beach sunset photos in my last couple of blogs. The first blog showed the sunset with beachcombers, the second blog depicted a sunset and a ghostly ship.

This is one of my favorite photos because it’s a classic California beach photo, and would make another great postcard. The sunset’s reflection on the water worked well, and draws the eye in a line to the shore, where it ends with a small mound of sand. I wouldn’t mind printing and sending this photo to family and friends or using it as a calling card for my business.

I have one last sunset photo in this series and I’ll put it up on the blog soon.

Anthony Pierpont, The Everyday Photographer: My Favorite Photos- California Beach Sunset #2

In my last blog, I posted the first in the series of California sunset photos. This shot is also one of my favorite photos, and it was shot a bit earlier on the same day as you can probably tell. The bright white-yellow orb of sun is still above he skyline in this shot.

I couldn’t decide at first if I liked this photo or even if I would keep it. It looked too blurry, I thought. But when I popped it into my editing program, it came to life. I was taken by the reach of the sunset across the horizon and the distant views of an ocean bird and docked ship. I made sure to crop them into the photo.

The sunset really does look like it’s about ready to just drop into the ocean because of the enlarged trailing yellow blaze above it. I also like the subtle ray of light pointing straight into the lens from the suns direction. To me, it complements the suns reach to the east and west.

It’s never easy to capture a California sunset photo because sunsets occur quickly. I was prepared this time, though. I had the tripod set up when there was more available light. Not a good thing to be handling gear in the dark over beach sand!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Anthony Pierpont, The Everyday Photographer: My Favorite Photos- California Beach Sunset #1

I shot almost a whole roll of California beach sunset photos last year and a few of them turned out to be some of my favorite photos from the trip.

I was trying to shoot sunset photos from different angles and had already set up this shot when a couple appeared out of the corner of my eye. Initially, I was worried that they would kill the shot because I was only imagining a still sunset photo, but as I thought about it, I reasoned that the couple added a new dimension that would not jeopardize the view. Instead, they would enhance it. I think this photo turned out to be my classic California beach postcard.

I closed down the lens a bit to emphasize the contrasting colors of the black and mysterious ocean water set against the illuminated, richly colorful skyline. The couple add size perspective to the shot, provide action and lastly, provide a starting point for the eye.

I have a few more favorite sunset photos and will get them posted soon.

Anthony Pierpont, The Everyday Photographer: My Favorite Photos- Jellyfish

One of my favorite photos is of the jellyfish at the Monterey aquarium. While I wouldn’t care to meet one close up, the colors and movement of jellyfish make them a favorite of wildlife photographers.

This photo has a great sense of movement; in fact it’s a little blurred giving the photo a sense of movement and action. The orange hues of the jellyfish and the bright blue water background make it feel more like a painting. Check out Flickr for more on the jellyfish of Monterey from amateur and professional wildlife photographers.