Sunday, September 30, 2007

Anthony Pierpont, Rainey Lake MN on the Canadian Border

Our trip to Lake Rainy with Scott and Robby was amazing. Lindy and I learned how to catch Wallie we photographed some amazing things. The boundary waters of Minnesota are some of the most amazing lakes in the world. Scott Schroder made the fishing experience off the hook! Scott taught us how to "Lindy rig" our minnows and we caught Walley. One day Scott took us to a river that runs into the lake and we took our boats up the river. Once we navigated the shallow waters full of logs and rocks we parked the boats and walked up to the rapids and caught a whole bunch of different fish which included the Small mouth bass Lindy, Scott and Robby are holding so proudly. Bait for the trip was mostly minnows on lindy rigs 30-40 down. The Small Mouth was caught on a Jig with a Rubber worm.
The Scenery was incredible and it was a National Geographic experience for sure.

August 2007
Anthony Pierpont

Monday, September 3, 2007

Anthony Pierpont, Sunset at the secret lake in MN

This summer 2007 Lindy and I went to central Minnesota to a friends lake front property. We
This is a catch and release lake and we caught some incredible large and small mouth bass. you
can see these fish on www.pierpontfish website.
I love taking sunset photos and we will try to add more every week. Stay tune.
Anthony Pierpont