Saturday, April 7, 2007

Anthony Pierpont, The Everyday Photographer: My Favorite Photos- California Beach Sunset #2

In my last blog, I posted the first in the series of California sunset photos. This shot is also one of my favorite photos, and it was shot a bit earlier on the same day as you can probably tell. The bright white-yellow orb of sun is still above he skyline in this shot.

I couldn’t decide at first if I liked this photo or even if I would keep it. It looked too blurry, I thought. But when I popped it into my editing program, it came to life. I was taken by the reach of the sunset across the horizon and the distant views of an ocean bird and docked ship. I made sure to crop them into the photo.

The sunset really does look like it’s about ready to just drop into the ocean because of the enlarged trailing yellow blaze above it. I also like the subtle ray of light pointing straight into the lens from the suns direction. To me, it complements the suns reach to the east and west.

It’s never easy to capture a California sunset photo because sunsets occur quickly. I was prepared this time, though. I had the tripod set up when there was more available light. Not a good thing to be handling gear in the dark over beach sand!