Sunday, March 11, 2007

Anthony Pierpont, The Everyday Photographer: My Favorite Photos- Bald Eagle

Our national bird, the bald eagle, can be seen on everything from coins to t-shirts, but seeing one up close and personal is a rare treat.

Wildlife photography is beautiful and difficult, since the subjects are rarely eager to be captured on film. That’s a big reason why this bald eagle is one of my favorite photos. I was surprised to see him, thrilled that I had my camera ready to go, and especially pleased that at the last second, the bald eagle looked at me.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get other shots of animals in the wild, and often find that I can’t get close enough to get a good shot, or that when animals see me, they run or (purposefully, it sometimes seems) turn their head so that I only get a shot of their backside. Not really one for the album.

The colors also worked in this photo, and I think that’s less attributed to my photography skills and more to the beauty of Alaska. It’s hard to get a bad shot when the lakes, rivers and terrain are all so ruggedly beautiful.

Everyday Photographer Tip of the Day: Check out the wildlife photography at for amazing close-ups of animals, insects and other creatures at work and at play.